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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can legally own or possess a firearm in Alaska?

Alaska does not expand upon Federal firearms laws for ownership or possession of firearms. Federal laws define people who are not allowed to possess or own firearms. For more information click here.

Do you need a special permit to carry a handgun in Alaska?

Alaska's laws do not prohibit anyone 21 or older who may legally possess a firearm from carrying it. A special permit is not required. Possession of a firearm, whether concealed or open, is restricted in some circumstances and locations. For more information click here.

What is the minimum age in Alaska to purchase a firearm from a licensee?

Alaska does not expand upon Federal firearms laws. Under Federal firearms laws, long guns and long gun ammunition may be sold only to persons 18 years of age or older. Sales of handguns and ammunition for handguns are limited to persons 21 years of age and older.

Can I rent a gun from you to take home?

NO. Our rental guns are only for use in a firearm training class or CCW class offered by professional firearms instructors but you are welcome to come test fire a gun through our “Try Before You Buy Service.”

Do you special order firearms?

YES. We can special order firearms for you through our supplier network including Class III/NFA products. We also accept FFL transfers. Most special order firearms are received within 48 hours after an order is placed.

Is it legal to buy suppressors and machine guns?

YES. Please click the link on our homepage for information on purchasing Class III/NFA weapons.

Do you take trade-ins and consignment firearms?

YES. We are happy to help you sell your firearm on a consignment basis and will consider a firearm trade-in for another firearm or gear. To receive an honest and fair trade-in as- sessment, call 907-887-4867 to schedule an appointment. Consignment fees are 15% of the sales price.

Do you provide transfer services for firearms?

YES. Please call or e-mail us for our policies regarding firearm transfers.

Do you sell ammunition?

YES. We do sell ammunition but not all calibers and quantities may be limited based on the market. Call ahead to verify stock availability.

Do you offer gunsmithing services?

NO. We do not offer gunsmithing services but we do have a firearms cleaning service.

Where can I get firearms training?

Firearm training is offered through Point Blank Firearms and Self Defense. For more information on classes offered, please click on the Training and Firearm Rental Page. EDGE does have firearm rental packages for use in firearms training classes. For more information, see the links on our home page or call us at 907-887-4867.

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